Prolight + Sound 2018: DiGiCo showcases Quantum 7 and other new products

DiGiCo has demonstrated the working debut of its Quantum 7 software at Prolight + Sound 2018, which the manufacturer says will ship at the end of June.

DiGiCo’s Quantum 7 is developed with seventh generation FPGA devices that further expand audio processing power.

The software expands an SD7 to over 600 channels of processing in 96kHz operation that can be connected in the outside world to approaching 3000 potential I/Os.

The engine is also equipped with eight newly assignable MADI connections and two DMI slots (DiGiCo Multi-Channel Interface) for AoIP and other connectivity options from the complete family of DMI card options. There are other powerful enhancements, too, including Nodal Processing and True Solo.

Nodal Processing means that for the first time processing can be applied to any node on the auxiliary section of the console, allowing engineers to send unique processing on each send from a single, or multiple channels. This level of creativity will allow engineers to tailor and deliver dedicated mixes that were simply not possible before Quantum 7.

Coupled with Nodal Processing is the new True Solo system that allows the operator’s monitoring system to replicate almost any section of the console, and how that source is being processed and heard. This saves time and speeds up the process of managing channels and busses.

“One of our key goals at DiGiCo is to continually develop innovative solutions whilst ensuring our current consoles are future proofed where possible” said DiGiCo MD James Gordon. “A great example of this is the new Quantum 7 which can be retro-fitted into any existing SD7, which means current SD7 owners can take advantage of these developments and continue to make the unrivalled return on investment DiGiCo stands for.”

Other new products announced by DiGiCo this week:

4REA4 The new 4REA4 installed audio solution, first revealed at the ISE show in February, is designed to meet the expanding performance requirements of large entertainment venues, houses of worship, theatres and shared stages at festivals and music venues. L-ISA Source Control L-ISA Source Control for L-Acoustics L-ISA immersive technology has been natively integrated into SD-Series, adding L-ISA’s object-based mixing technology to the console’s control surface.  d&b Soundscape d&b audiotechnik has announced a series of landmark integrations between Soundscape’s central DS100 Signal Engine and digital mixing consoles, including the SD7 and SD12, which open up bi-directional interoperability between the DS100 via plug ins operating on the OSC protocol.   Software updates The latest software update adds new features to DiGiCo’s range of SD console including Snapshot Groups, Recall Scope and Auto-Update Scope, Outputs AFL option and new Panning Type. 

Waves External Waves External allows DiGiCo SD consoles to integrate with a Waves Multirack system, which is running on an external PC, while maintaining the high level of integration both companies’ clients have come to rely on. The integration uses the low latency Waves I/O interface built in to SD consoles for audio routing and includes the existing standard session, snapshot and plug-in control for advanced, faster and smooth show control and automation. It also allows the use of Waves most advanced plug-ins to expand engineers’ sonic options. “We never stand still at DiGiCo as these exciting latest releases at PL&S 2018 testify, and our development team are always working hard to ensure we deliver the right solutions that our clients and the market require,’ said DiGiCo MD, James Gordon.

‘That includes making sure we are an industry player that develops hand in hand with other key partners, and our recent work is testament to the fact we are always listening and looking at where the industry is developing.’