Prolight + Sound: Focal announces new studio monitor range

During the first few days of this year’s show, French studio monitor manufacturer Focal debuted it’s latest release.

The Alpha range of active two-way near field studio monitors comprises three different models – the Alpha 50, Alpha 65, and Alpha 80, with each model number denoting the size of the woofer/midrange speaker (50 for 5inch, 65 for 6.5inch, and 80 for 8inch).

The company states that the monitors are designed specifically for music creation with a focus on creating an optimal listening environment while producing music in diverse locations.

This is reflected in the choice of technologies used, such as the inverted dome tweeter, that provide a very linear treble, designed to reveal the slightest imperfections of equalisation even from a short distance away and also prevent auditory fatigue; the Polyglass cone woofer, which provides damping qualities ensuring neutrality over the entire bass/high‑midrange frequency spectrum, and a transparency to the midrange frequencies; and the bass‑reflex design with large double front ports, which improves acoustical integration even in confined spaces.

Finally, each Alpha studio monitor is equipped with two class AB amplifiers. The high‑current amplifiers enable complete control of the dynamics of the audio signal. This also allows for listening at high volumes without distortion.

The monitors should be available this May.