Prolight + Sound: Funktion-One introducing new Evolution series

Funktion-One will launch its new Evolution series at Prolight + Sound 2015 in Frankfurt, along with a system for smaller applications.

Evolution is a new range of "high-intensity" loudspeakers from the British manufacturer. Utilising the firm’s latest technology, the series is centred around the Evo 6 and Evo 7 enclosures. Both products are fully horn-loaded with 15in mid-bass, 10in Funktion-One signature midrange and a 1.4in compression driver solely for high frequencies above 4kHz. The Evo 7 has a 30-degree horizontal dispersion angle and very high efficiency, meaning a three-wide configuration offers 90-degree horizontal coverage for crowd sizes of up to around 2,500 people.

The first users of these systems are reporting "remarkable coverage and intensity," according to the company. Evo 7s were deployed on the main stage at Boom Festival in Portugal last year (eight-per-side) for a crowd size of approximately 20,000. The Evo 6 has the same cabinet height and width as the Evo 7 but with a wider, 45-degree horizontal dispersion, making it ideal for mid-scale live and EDM events, as well as installations.

Both the Evo 6 and Evo 7 will be officially launched at Prolight + Sound next week (15 – 18 April) and will be showcased in the Funktion-One demo room (Dialog 9.2, between Halls 8 and 9.) The speakers will be followed later in the year by a full touring version of the Evo 7, featuring a built-in flying and linking system. Funktion-One is also making other Evo configurations available, such as the two-wide Evo72EH and three-wide Evo73EH mid-high enclosures.

A new Funktion-One self-powered bass enclosure designed for domestic, home studio and small venue applications will also be unveiled in Germany. The custom Funktion-One amplifier built in to the enclosure has three channels – one large mono channel for the bass itself and two smaller channels optimised to power a pair of F81 or F101 loudspeakers. The system is simple to set up and promises to make Funktion-One sound quality accessible to a wider range of end-users.