Prolight + Sound: Hibino invests heavily in Coda AiRAY

Japan’s Hibino Sound Division has placed a substantial order for Coda Audio’s AiRAY line array system at Prolight + Sound 2016, increasing its holding of boxes from the brand to over 300.

Soon after AiRAY’s launch in July 2015, Hibino Intersound Co. took a close interest in the system based on demonstrations and previous discussions with Coda, as well as the recommendation of Hibino Sound Division’s head of sound, Hiroshi Inoue, who assessed the AiRAY system and was confident that it would offer advantages in scalability and flexibility to the rental company.

Divisional head, Ryoichi Hashimoto agreed with his head of sound and an AiRAY system was ordered for use on a tour by top Japanese artist Shogo Hamada. The system made an immediate and lasting impression – one that was to lead to this significant order being placed this week – according to Coda.

Inoue explained the rationale behind the move: "Firstly, as with all Coda line-array systems, we see that AiRAY achieves very high sound resolution with good separation of each instrument’s sound. Sound shape is maintained over a long distance meaning that the required SPL can be obtained using fewer cabinets. AiRAY’s functionality is also excellent for both flown and ground stack applications – cabinet angles can be quickly and easily adjusted for both. I think AiRAY is the only system that offers such great sound quality in combination with so many practical advantages."

Head of Hibino Sound Division, Ryoichi Hashimoto was equally enthusiastic: "It is really striking just how much power AiRAY produces from such compact cabinets and the comments from our clients about sound quality have all been very positive. The clarity and SPL for such a compact system is remarkable. AiRAY’s size means that it has significantly less effect on audience sight-lines and the fact that it is so light means that it reduces the impact of weight restrictions when the system is flown.

“From the point of view of a rental company it is really important to stress that in terms of trucking, AiRAY takes up something like two-thirds of the space of previous systems, meaning fewer trucks on the road and therefore very significant cost savings. Added to this, the lightweight and flexible nature of the system means that fewer crew are needed for transport and set-up, so again, more costs are saved. These obvious advantages made this large additional order for AiRAY a very easy decision."

Coda sales and marketing director Paul Ward added: "We are genuinely delighted that Hibino has chosen to make this very sizeable investment in AiRAY. They are clearly confident in the system’s capacity to address applications right across the touring market and they are certainly well-placed to judge its credentials. For Coda, this represents another ringing endorsement of AiRAY on the global stage."