Prolight + Sound: L-Acoustics announces X Series

L-Acoustics has announced the launch of the X Series, a new line of coaxial speakers for the installation and rental markets at Frankfurt’s Prolight + Sound show.

The new X Series models include high-excursion neodymium drivers, ellipsoid directivity, laminar vented ports and up to 30% weight reduction. Used as a stage monitor, the X Series offers low latency monitor presets and a 7% lower profile.

The live monitor of the X series, the X8 promises pristine sound, a high SPL and extended bandwidth for operation at FOH position or in control rooms. Its wide conical directivity pattern imparts a sense of spatialisation, with no minimum listening distance.

The X12 is designed to cover multiple applications in rental and installation. An ellipsoid directivity of 90° x 60° makes it adaptable to FOH application. The X12 comes with a range of rigging accessories and RAL colour program for ‘maximum application versatility and seamless integration’. The unit also promises easy handling via low weight and optimised ergonomics, and a passive design for effective amplified controller management.

The X15 is the ‘powerhouse’ of the series, promising exceptional power in beamwidth and acoustic isolation. Its narrow, 40° x 60° directivity is designed to provide immunity to feedback. Low in profile and light in weight, the X15 features integrated risers allowing it to go from 35° to 55°.

“The challenge in creating the X Series was to bring all of the experience we gained in designing the K2 to bear on a new series of reference coaxials,” explained Christophe Combet, head of acoustic and instrumentation at L-Acoustics. "We optimised the design, ergonomics, acoustical performance and weight. We used new carpentry techniques to optimise internal volumes, maximise bass and eliminate vibrations, designing a new, aerodynamic form with a slender, low profile that gives a profound feeling of power.”

“The X Series is the result of an intense R&D process, fully based on feedback from the professionals of the industry and from our own field experience,” continued Combet. “We look forward to working with our installation and rental partners worldwide on the launch later this year.

The X series is set to ship in Q4 2015.