Prolight + Sound: Powersoft previews new booth format

Powersoft will welcome visitors to a much larger booth – situated in the new Hall 3.1 location for pro-audio – at Prolight + Sound this year.

The company will display its products in specific zones focusing on M-Force, Amplifier Modules, Installation, Touring and Deva. This will be surrounded by a Hospitality/Bar area, and at the rear of the main wall they will display products representing Powersoft milestones over the years.

Opting to show products by application, Powersoft will present three desks, divided into Touring, Install and Amp Module categories. While one side of each desk will be dedicated to Armonia (pictured) – enabling visitors to gain hands-on experience of the software – the second will be assigned to the product application.

Taking the Touring desk as an example, a TV monitor will show a list of different speaker types and formats, from large-scale line arrays to point source, subwoofers and stage monitors. By selecting one of them, the interactive system will show another list of loudspeaker models that can be driven from the preset. Finally, by selecting the loudspeaker that the visitor is interesting in, the system will show (and recommend) the Powersoft rack amp that works best with that solution.

There will be similar processes for Amp Modules and Install, showing the same prompts. “This is a deliberate strategy to engage with customers,” stated Powersoft brand and communication director, Francesco Fanicchi. “Visitors can learn more about our rack amps, and get to know the technical characteristics of each.”

The Deva multimedia system will be assigned a dedicated and interactive area as well. Responding to market feedback, Powersoft has identified three segments: Infotainment, Entertainment and Surveillance, with three dedicated Deva units for each discipline. At the same time, Powersoft will use Prolight + Sound as an opportunity to launch the new Deva website.

Finally, Powersoft will be participating as a speaker at the Manufacturers Forum. The topic is An Electric Eye on Loudspeakers: Using Live Impedance Measurements to Improve the Performance of Sound Systems, which will be centred on demystifying impedance measurements.

Visitors will learn how to read impedance curves and understand various hidden aspects of typical loudspeakers, such as cabinet/speaker interaction and health, using EQ and advanced limiting techniques to improve their sound and reliability.

This presentation will take place on Wednesday 6 April 6 from 12pm-1pm at Forum C, Raum Substanz.