Prolight + Sound: Sennheiser launches MK 8

Along with a booth featuring live bands, DJs, and a fully functional recording studio, Sennheiser launched a sister model to its MK 4 studio microphone.

While the MK 4 was designed as a straightforward “plug-and-play” microphone, the MK 8 is a more refined tool and features five selectable polar patterns (omni-directional, wide cardioid, cardioid, super-cardioid, figure-of-eight) to and is fitted with a low cut/roll-off filter and pad switch.

“The sound design of the MK 8 is based on Sennheiser’s successful series of large-diaphragm condensers,” said Sebastian Schmitz, microphone product manager.

“This mic offers a defined bass, beautifully rounded-out mids and open treble. The MK 8 is direct and harmonious, with a finely resolved and very musical sound. Professional users will like its versatility – it can cater to basically any recording situation.”

The new MK 8 features five switchable polar patterns 

The MK 8 has 1inch diaphragms precisely spattered with 24-carat gold. Its capsule is elastically mounted to reduce structure-borne noise. A three-position switchable filter allows the user to either eliminate any remaining low-frequency noise below 60 Hz (-18 dB/octave, low-cut position) or introduce a softer roll-off effect from 100 Hz down to compensate for the proximity effect in close miking (-6 dB/octave, roll-off position).

The MK 8 is also fitted with a switchable pad (off, -10 dB, -20 dB). A signal level reduction of -10 dB in the capsule protects the mic against excessively loud audio sources, while an additional -10 dB reduction in the mic’s electronics avoids an overload of the connected mic pre-amp and subsequent recording equipment.

Availability of the MK 8 is expected late summer of this year.