Pure Groove Systems powering Mutiny Festival

Speaker manufacturer Pure Groove Systems will be providing the sound for the Big Top stage at Mutiny Festival in Chichester, UK on 18 and 19 July 2015 – its first ever UK festival project.

Last year, Pure Groove joined forces with Danley Sound Labs and began creating a series of sound systems for the festival and nightlife industries.

The Pure Groove Systems team will be taking their J1 Jericho and Synergy Horns to the event. The J1 (pictured) features 6 x 18” woofers, 6 x 6” mid-range drivers and 3 x 1.4” coaxial high frequency drivers all in one box.

Six of the company’s BC415 subwoofers, also known as the ‘Velvet Sledge’, will be in action too, comprising 4 x 15” woofers combining into a single exit. Another of Tom Danley’s inventions, the Tapped Horn, will also be on site in the form of 36 x TH118s, which consist of 1 x 18” long excursion woofer in each box.

Pure Groove Systems products are designed by Danley Sound Labs’ Tom Danley, the former director of electroacoustic research at NASA and holder of 30 loudspeaker and aerospace patents and is noted as the first person to demonstrate levitation using acoustics in space research.