QSC Audio announces next generation Q-Sys Cores and I/O Box

Leading pro audio manufacturer, QSC Audio Products, has announced its next generation Q-Sys products including two new Core models and an analogue I/O box which will join its integrated system platform range.

QSC’s two new Cores, the Core 500i and Core 250i, provide advanced centralised processing, routing and control for contractors and consultants needing a solution for smaller venues. According to the California-based company, these models would be ideal to provide restaurants, nightclubs, stores, schools and churches with a high-quality audio set up.

The Core 500i and 250i are both fully integrated solutions. Both have eight Q-Sys input and/or output card slots on-board.

Overall, the Core 500i is capable of up to 128 network channels with the Core 250i able to handle up to 64 channels. I/O is selectable using the various Q-Sys I/O cards. Further options include the MTP-64 and MTP-128 multi-track players.

The new Q-Sys cores run much like all other previous models. They contain Intel microprocessors and motherboards. This hardware in turn operates a customised Linux operating system.

The Q-Sys Cores are also easily connected to IT packages. In order to achieve this the standard Gigabit Ethernet hardware is combined with Layer 3 Gigabit networking protocols. Both systems are capable of providing simple and secure redundancy for mission-critical applications.

The hugely simple and logical GUI (Graphical User Interface) allows users to control all system design, configuration, administration and control operations.

What is more, Users can create custom control panels. These custom made controls panels can be used on any internet-connected PC or Apple iOS device (such as the iPhone or iPad). Alternatively, these control panels can be used on QSC’s own TSC-8 8-inch Touch Screen Controller or TSC-3 Controller.

This means that any incoming signals can be mixed and routed to any output. What is more, almost unlimited DSP (Digital Signal Processing) is provided. This includes Acoustic Echo Cancellation.

In addition to the new Core model releases, QSC has announced its I/O-22 analog I/O box.

The box is a compact, standalone unit designed for widely distributed audio sources or destinations such as individual rooms in a multi-room venue (judicial chambers, classrooms, VIP suites, etc.).

The box provides two mic or line inputs and two line outputs. It also connects directly to the Gigabit Ethernet network. The box can be powered by PoE (Power over Ethernet) or using a 24V power source. It also includes an 8.5 watt mono amplifier and mounting plate. All of this ensures discreet and compact installation.