QSC bolsters home of Italian basketball team A.S. Junior Casale

Palazzetto dello Sport Paolo Ferraris, home of newly promoted Serie A basketball team A.S. Junior Casale, has undergone a major audio overhaul, with the installation a brand new sound system based upon the Q-Sys integrated system platform, KLA Series active line arrays and K Series active loudspeakers.

Designed with the technical support of AV consultant Angelo Rovero, the entire PalaFerraris audio system is built around a single Q-Sys Core 1000 unit. With all processing, monitoring and routing centrally controlled by Q-Sys, the system is built to handle music, pre-recorded messages, live announcements and in-game sound effects, whilst maintaining optimum audio quality throughout.

One of the system’s most notable assets is that it can be controlled from an iPad running the Q-Sys Controller App and Q-Sys Designer software, allowing the user to assemble custom user control interfaces (UCIs), placing practically any element of the system at his or her fingertips. At PalaFerraris, an operator is now able to monitor and adjust levels, switch source selection and trigger music and jingles instantly via the iPad’s touch screen.

"Q-Sys was the ideal solution for the PalaFerraris. The totally flexible architecture of the Q-Sys Core and the intuitive nature of the Q-Sys Designer software mean that configuring the entire system to fit the needs of the venue is exceptionally quick and easy,” said Stefano Cantadori, head of QSC’s Italian distributor AudioLink, “Our on-site specialist Giammario Piumatti, who is there to assist the client with programming the system, loves it because any last-minute ideas and requests can so easily be integrated, just as the system can easily be adapted in the future to cope with the evolving needs of the venue."

A total of four KLA line arrays, each composed of three KLA12 active, two-way loudspeaker elements, were mounted above the main stands, while an additional complement of K Series K10 and K8 active loudspeakers were deployed at ground level to cover the brand-new court-side stands.

Both the design team and the PalaFerraris’ in-house technicians said they were very satisfied with the results obtained from the Q-Sys platform, KLA Series line arrays and K Series loudspeakers on the project’s completion.