QSC exec Duncan Savage on the US firm’s Euro distribution overhaul

QSC EMEA regional director, Northern Europe, Duncan Savage, has spoken to Audio Media International about the US pro audio firm’s recent distribution restructure for the European market. 

The company has overhauled ts distribution model for its installation business in the Nordic countries, moving from a single regional distribution approach to a country-specific model. 

Audiovision AB will become the exclusive distributor in Sweden, with Benum Norway AS appointed exclusive distributor for Norway. In Finland, Denmark, and Iceland, QSC will establish direct distribution working with selected in-country integrators. The arrangement with current distributor for the entire Nordic region, EM Nordic, will conclude on June 30, 2021.

Here, Savage gives Audio Media International the inside track on QSC’s distribution strategy…

What was the strategy behind the new distribution arrangement for the Nordic countries?
We started QSC EMEA in summer 2017 and have dedicated teams supporting the market in Germany, the United Kingdom, Austria and the Netherlands. This enables us to better meet customer expectations in Europe and to provide our sales partners in the region with significantly stronger support.

With regard to the Nordic countries, in the past we worked with a single distributor who was responsible for the entire region. Considering the diversity of these countries, their geographic and market structures we decided to provide individual, country specific approach. Starting with our newly appointed distributors; Audiovision AB and Benum Norway AS, we have found extremely well aligned partners for Sweden and Norway, respectively. In Finland, Denmark and Iceland, we will work directly with selected system integrators and consultants.

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Why did you select these particular partners?
QSC is a technology company at the forefront of network-based audio, video and control technology targeting Corporate, Higher-Education and Entertainment sectors; to name just a few.  When selecting a new partner it is key to ensure these organisations share mutual values and visions for the future, this is characterised by their close contact with the market, high levels of AV/IT expertise and the benefits of sharing this knowledge through training and development.

How important is the Nordic region for QSC’s business?
The Nordics are an important region for QSC, not only because of their overall economic strength, but also because of their speed of adaptation of technical innovation. Together with our partners, we will be implementing exciting installation projects in the region.

What are your key markets in the Nordic countries?
One of the benefits of the Q-SYS ecosystem is that it can be applied to many applications with the selection of the suitable Q-SYS peripheral. We see our success in the region by providing the right support and technology solutions to the most competent integrators providing services to multiple vertical markets.

What are your plans for this territory throughout the rest of 2021?
You can understand the distribution realignment as a strategic investment. As described above, the Nordic countries are of great importance to us and are a key building block in our efforts to leverage the huge potential for QSC in the EMEA region.


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