QSC Q-SYS update to include AES67 support

QSC has revealed that its Q-SYS platform will support the AES67 interoperability standard for AoIP between various networking solutions.

The new feature will be added to the Q-SYS platform as part of the upcoming Q-SYS Designer v5.3 software release.

AES67 allows high performance audio streaming between Q-SYS and third-party products supporting different native networked audio technology such as Dante, RAVENNA and Livewire without requiring any additional hardware or license costs.

Martin Barbour, QSC product manager for installed systems, commented: “The support of AES67 is yet another example of the malleable and evolutionary nature of the Q-SYS platform. We are committed to making this platform the I/O agnostic, interoperable standard in the industry, which is why support of AES67 is so vital to the industry.”

AES67 is a standard for audio-over-IP interoperability published by the AES in 2013. AES67 is a Layer-3 protocol suite designed to allow audio interoperability between any networked audio solution based on Layer-3 technology.

You can view a real-time demonstration of AES67 connectivity with the Q-SYS platform here.