Quantum of Fairlight

The Fairlight Quantum made its debut at AES 2012. A complete audio post production system combining Fairlight’s hardware and software, recording, editing, mixing plug-ins, MIDI and video with a fully integrated 12 or 24 fader console. It offers a tactile control surface with faders, switches, knobs and jogger wheel, augmented with touch screen and mouse based functions. Quantum includes an embedded Edit controller utilising Fairlight’s Picture Keys. Fairlight’s new iCan technology, with drag-and-drop Layout Editor, allows engineers to design their own button layouts for specialised functions. The CC-1 Media engine supports up to 192 disk recorder tracks and 230 mixing channels. Included is support for up to 256 inputs and outputs, built-in EQ and dynamics for every channel, and access to VST plug-ins and instruments.