Quested launches LT24 speaker

Quested has released its LT24 speaker – the latest addition to the LT line.

According to the manufacturer, users have been asking for a speaker that provides good reference performance, but over greater distances than what is common in most studio situations.

Launched in 2012, the LT10 was the first model in the LT range, which was strengthened recently with the LT8. The twin-driver LT24 features a high-performance 8x38mm ribbon tweeter, custom four-inch drivers and an Airflow Technology grille, allowing for 85 per cent clean air movement.

“Whilst our soft-dome tweeters deliver accuracy for studios, the LTs rely on a ribbon technology that gives us the higher SPL needed for longer-throw applications such as post production theatres and behind-screen placement," said Quested owner Guy Lewis. "We still spend a fortune on components for the crossover, but people can really hear a difference in the tests we have done.

“The LT24 and the bigger LT8 and LT10 are really generating some great conversations for us with people who want clarity and dynamic performance at higher SPLs. It will be very interesting to see where they end up.”

The new speaker is shipping now.

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