RØDE releases M5 condenser microphone

RØDE has launched its new M5 compact condenser mic.

Equipped with a ½” cardioid electret condenser capsule, designed and made in Australia and available in acoustically matched pairs, the M5 is designed to exhibit low noise and has a full frequency response that makes it suitable for both studio and live applications.

It can also be used to mic a variety of acoustic instruments and choirs, and is ideal in any scenario whereby the user would employ a small diaphragm condenser microphone, either individually or as a stereo array.

The ‘Pencil’-style, permanently-polarised condenser mic has been designed for use in the most demanding situations. Furthermore, the matched pairs are carefully chosen to ensure a variation of no more than 1dB sensitivity between the microphones.

The M5 is finished with RØDE’s proprietary ceramic coating – offering a matt black finish – and is supplied with WS5 windshields and RM5 stand mounts.

“The NT5 has consistently been one of our most praised and best-selling microphones since its release almost ten years ago," said RØDE’s global marketing and sales director, Damien Wilson. "As pencil condensers go it is in my opinion one of the very best in the world, however we recognised that a lot of artists want to use a RØDE small diaphragm condenser microphone but doesn’t require the superlative dynamics and versatile capsule interchange found on the NT5. The new M5 offers them an incredible sounding microphone that represents great value.”

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