Radial releases 500 X-Amp Reamping module

Radial Engineering has announced the release of the X-Amp, a 500 series Reamping device designed for small, single-room recording environments.

Radial sales manager Steve McKay explains: "Reamping is all about keeping options open. Instead of simply committing a guitar or bass track to one sound, you can later Reamp it so that it can better sit in the mix. And with today’s digital recording systems and unlimited virtual track count, it has never been easier or more affordable to Reamp tracks. This has of course accelerated the interest in the original Radial X-Amp, ProRMP and the Reamp JCR. As the market leader, it only made sense that we be the first company to introduce a 500 series version. The X-Amp module follows the lead set by the stand-alone Radial X-Amp™ but has a few extra features to make it particularly useful in any recording studio."

The Radial X-Amp 500 is a Reamper with two front panel quarter-inch outputs. It features 100 per cent discrete class A circuitry. Both instrument outputs are transformer isolated to eliminate hum and buzz caused by ground loops. This is supplemented with a ground lift switch and 180-degree polarity reverse than enables the engineer to bring the two amplifiers in phase. This is said to be useful when guitar pedals are introduced, as they will often reverse the phase of the signal.

X-Amp can be used in conjunction with a Radial Workhorse so that the Omniport becomes a guitar input allowing the X-Amp module to be used as a two channel guitar distro, and enables an artist to play through two amps without the hum, buzz and noise problems that usually occur.

McKay continued: "Once you start Reamping, you will never go back to recording any other way. The magic lies in capturing the track and then using amps and pedals to optimize the tone while allowing you to move mics around the studio to find the sweet spot. This is the advantage that big budget studios have had all along. Only today, the Radial X-Amp module brings Reamping to the masses."