Radial?s headphone mute shipping

The StageBug SB-7 EarMuff is now shipping. The SB-7 EarMuff is a headphone interface that enables the artist to mute one side of his or her headphones to eliminate bleed when recording.

Radial’s production manager Steve Hopia explains: "When recording classical music, violinists will often remove one side of the headphones to uncover one of their ears so that they can better hear their instrument when performing. This generally improves their intonation and tone versus only hearing their performance through a set of cans. This causes a bleed problem whereby the open phone is now being picked up by the ultra sensitive condenser microphone, mixing in with the instrument. The SB-7 EarMuff solves the problem by enabling the artist to turn off the unused side of the headphone."

The SB-7 EarMuff begins with a standard 1?4in TRS headphone input. A second TRS headphone output on the other side is used to feed the headphones. This is supplemented with a mini 3.5mm TRS jack for those who prefer to use ear buds. As the playback tracks from the recorder are likely in stereo, a mono sum switch lets the user blend the left-right signal to mono to ensure all instruments will be heard. A local level control allows the artist to further adjust the volume to suit. A simple left ear off switch is used to mute one side of the headphones. The SB-7 EarMuff is completely passive which means it does not require any powering to make it work.