RCF backs Project Fukushima

The Japanese city of Fukushima recently launched its own music and arts festival, in light of the earthquake, which hit the region earlier this year.

As the city continues to rebuild and overcome the devastating effects caused by the disaster, Project Fukushima was established in order to bring musicians and artists from the area together, attracting almost 3,000 visitors.

Handling sound reinforcement for the event was RCF, which covered the main and secondary stages. On the main stage, RCF supplied eight TTL55-A active line array modules with four TTL36-AS flyable subs and a pair of TT22-A active two-way speakers. Additionally, two ART410-A speakers and two ART905-AS subs were also used. The set-up was completed with four NX10-SMA and four NX12-SMA active coaxial stage monitors.

With regards to the secondary stage, eight RCF NXL23-A active line array modules were supplemented by NXS21-A active subs. A pair of ART525-A active two-way speakers and a further two ART310-A active speakers completed the set-up.