RCF launches HVL Series for stadia

Italian loudspeaker manufacturer RCF has lifted the lid on its new HVL Series for stadia and large arenas.

The new range features transducers with neodymium magnetic circuits, new voice coil ventilation systems, and innovative voice coil assemblies. 

For low frequencies, the range comes with two 15” high-power woofers, a 3.5” inside/outside voice coil, dual spider and hypervented, neodymium magnet.

For mid frequencies: two 10” neodymium midrange, 3″ voice coil and high performance sealed basket design.

As for high frequencies, there are two 4” neodymium compression drivers, a titanium dome, four-slot phase plug and copper inductance ring for extended response.

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Meanwhile, the custom 4 PATH-designed waveguide is built to offer precise coverage while also delivering linear high-frequency response. The unique shape of the four ducts forming the guide is designed to create an isophasic load from the vocal range up to the highest audible frequencies.

With a frequency response of 43 Hz – 18,000 Hz (-10 dB), the three-way, long-throw boxes are driven in bi-amped mode and are capable of producing a maximum SPL of 133 dB (LF) and 145 dB (MHF). Two coverage options are available: 90° x 30° (L) and 60° x 30° (P) and one bass module (S). 

The HVL Series is available now.