RCF teams up with Serie A champions Juventus

Italian football’s Serie A champions Juventus have recently completed their inaugural season in their new stadium, with an RCF audio system at the heart of the venue.

With a capacity of over 40,000 the new Juventus Stadium is equipped with an audio system made up entirely of RCF components. The company’s commercial audio department has been involved in the project from the beginning and designed the entire audio system for the stadium, as well as for the other buildings in the complex, which include 120 executive boxes, the Juventus Museum and a host of other facilities.

Beside RCF Installed Sound and Commercial Audio products, special cluster design applications and other special products have been developed as part of the project project.

“Being part of a large scaled installation and also get the possibility to be active in the process from the first drawings is important for a solution partner. This secure that you will end up with an optimal result. With the new Juventus Stadium installation we have added a nice reference that we can use for future stadium projects and to support our distributors and customers with equal projects”, said Antonio Ferrari, RCF market manager audio contractor. 

The installation saw the RCF team work on a special cluster design (certified in terms of safety) to be installed at each section of the tribunes at the stadium. Each cluster contains two RCF Acustica H1315WPs, a three-way full range loudspeaker system that incorporates a 15” LF transducer, a 10” cone MF transducer and a 1.4” exit titanium compression driver. The WP version is weatherproof and specially designed to withstand exposure to weather without damage or loss of function to the speakers.

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