Real World Studios upgrades to Pro Tools HDX and version 11 software

Scrub, HHB Communications‘ subsidiary, has supplied top UK recording facility Real World Studios with upgrades to Avid Pro Tools HDX and version 11 software.

Scrub technical sales staff provided Pro Tools HDX hardware I/O and version 11 software for the Somerset studio’s Big Room, as well as an HDX system for the Wood Room and Pro Tools HD Native for the new Producer’s Cottage.

The Big Room – Real World’s 800-square-foot main area – is home to a 72-channel SSL 9000 XL K series analogue desk. According to HHB, the studio now benefits from the increased headroom and track count provided by HDX – an increase of more than 1,000 dB extra headroom and higher resolution sound due to new floating-point architecture. This is in addition to five times more DSP per card, up to four times the track counts and twice the I/O of Pro Tools HD Accel.

Real World is also a centre for world-class audio post production – everything from sound to picture, ADR, foley and full cinema mixing can be done onsite. Pro Tools HDX is designed to enable larger, more complex video productions, and display of up to 64 video tracks in the timeline. Advanced video features, such as multiple video playlists and basic video editing tools, are also included.

“Real World is an internationally renowned recording facility that is known for having the best recording equipment in the world," said Real World recording engineer Patrick Phillips. "These Pro Tools upgrades ensure that we are at the leading-edge of audio technology, and the enhanced sound quality and efficiency of the equipment will be passed onto our clients. Scrub were very helpful by making the upgrades a seamless transition.”

Scrub salesman Devin Workman explained: “It has been fantastic working with Real World’s team on these Pro Tools upgrades. Their ability to offer clients the best possible experience is now enhanced by the addition of the world’s fastest and most versatile DAW.”

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