Record Plant’s ‘legendary’ DesignFX Truck up for sale

The ‘legendary’ DesignFX Remote Recording Truck, formerly one of Record Plant’s location recording fleet, is for sale.

The fully operational Jack Crymes-designed mobile studio is equipped with a custom API 44/24 bus x 32 monitor console, API 550A EQ’s, audio & video monitors, vintage Teletronix, UREI and DBX outboard gear, dual Pro Tools configuration, intercom system and a comprehensive collection of live venue microphones, all integrated in a 35-foot International Diesel Chassis with full Air Ride Suspension.

In 1991, Record Plant alumnus engineer Gary Ladinsky purchased the mobile studio and a full acoustic/electrical restoration was carried out by remote recording pioneer Jack Crymes, who had also designed renowned Wally Heider and previous Record Plant trucks. The classic console was specially customised by API specialists John Dressel and Jeff Bork for live recording.

The DesignFX truck made its recording debut at the 1991 MTV Music Awards, a live broadcast from the Universal Amphitheater. In following years the mobile studio has recorded at venues from Vancouver to Mexico City and across the continental US.

The mobile studio has been meticulously maintained and is credited with many award-winning projects, including an Emmy for Natalie Cole’s "Unforgettable – With Love" and a Grammy Award for Best Jazz Album, Dianne Reeves’ "In the Moment." The mobile studio has received five Emmy nominations, various TEC Award nods and Golden Reels Awards. The extensive list of artists who have used this truck include Elton John, Faith Hill, Santana, Aerosmith, Sting and many others. Other clients and events include The Playboy Jazz Festival, The Academy Awards, The Grammy’s and various MTV and VH-1 Specials.

"Earlier this year, I auctioned off my rental inventory of classic recording gear," said Ladinsky. "I am putting this complete classic mobile studio on the market and if it doesn’t sell by the end of the year, I will strip it down and sell the gear individually. It’s a shame, because you could go out today with this package and record a major concert with spectacular results."

Estimated value of the DesignFX truck’s classic API console and individual equipment components is over $400,000. Ladinsky is putting the all-inclusive mobile studio on the market for $350,000. Interested parties can contact Gary Ladinsky at or 310-503-9686.

Photos and specs can be found here.