Recording Academy announces new educational event

The Recording Academy New York Chapter, along with its Producers & Engineers Wing Committee, has announced the inaugural ‘Grammy Pro Art Of The Craft: Sounds Of The City’ event.

The aim of the gathering – due to be held at New York’s legendary Avatar Studios on 19 May from 10am to 8pm – is to introduce artists, writers, engineers and producers to the art and skills required to record in today’s rapidly evolving pro-audio industry, featuring 100-plus recording industry professionals and emerging artists.

"New York is home to some of the industry’s most talented professionals and we are thankful to count on their expertise as we launch this essential development event," said Nick Cucci, executive director of The Recording Academy New York Chapter. "As the pro-audio industry continues to change and evolve, we as an Academy have an obligation to provide both novice and seasoned artists in our music community with the necessary skills and tools to continue their craft of recorded music."

A dozen top engineer/producers, including Joe Mardin, Chuck Zwicky, and Bob Power, will share techniques and insights into every aspect of the recording process, while mixer Ken "Duro" Ifill will interview Grammy-winning hip-hop/R&B artist Swizz Beatz on producing and the evolution of technology. Two simultaneous live sessions will also provide participants with the opportunity to experience the entire creative trajectory, from pre-production and beat-making to tracking, comping vocals, overdubbing, mixing and mastering.

"Our goal for this New York Chapter P&E Wing event is to recruit and inspire pro-audio innovators," commented event co-chair and engineer Ann Mincieli. "By exposing them to the realities of real-world recording sessions and providing an opportunity for them to interact with current award-winning innovators, they’ll benefit from a revelatory learning experience."

Participants will also be required to work as teams in Avatar’s Studios A and C. Groups will observe separate crews recording the same song in two different arrangements and attendees will be walked through each stage of these sessions, from tuning instruments and mic placement to sampling rates, importing tracks, and recording with Pro Tools.

The event will conclude with a mastering session by Emily Lazar, one of the first women to be nominated for a Grammy for Best Engineered Album, Non-Classical in an hour-long networking event in the Studio C live room.