Recording Studio Marseille installs Neve Genesys G48

Recording Studio Marseille, which offers recording, mixing and mastering services to the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region, has recently added a Neve Genesys G48 console to its main recording suite.

The facility, which is run by a team of ‘passionate and experienced’ sound engineers, assistants and musicians, measures 140sqm with a 5m-high ceiling. It also features two additional rooms of 15sqm and 10sqm, including a studio dedicated entirely to commercial photographic work and film production.

The facility’s design promises exceptional acoustics for the recording of both instruments and voice, and offers visual contact between all booths.

The console itself features a 48-channel base console configuration with 24 channels of Neve mic/line amplifiers and 24 channels of DAW monitoring. Eight auxes (four mono and two stereo) are also featured alongside eight groups, two main outs and four effects returns. 5.1 monitoring, two cue mixes and talkback functionality are all included, and the console features compatibility with all DAWs including Pro Tools.

Sound engineer Gérald Kuentz stated: “The Genesys is really wonderful and sounds amazing! It’s such a great tool to have in a studio, and we hope to further expand in the near future.”