Red Bull Air Race 2014 relies on AKG equipment

A vast array of AKG mics and headphones were in use during the 2014 Red Bull Air Race World Championships.

The series of eight races at the Finals in Las Vegas is now widely considered to be the most advanced aerial challenge in the world.

AKG microphones were on the scene to bring spectators the thrills and excitement of the race as it happened, with more than 20 pilots competing during the two-day event.

Live reporters on the racetrack were equipped with HSD271 professional headsets, as well as dynamic microphone and DMS700 V2 reference digital wireless mic systems.

WMS4500 wireless systems were also employed for live presentations on the racetrack infield. Reporters covering the activity at the airport hangars were given AKG PR4500 ENG/EFP (Electronic News Gathering/Electronic Field Production) systems for their cameras, along with HT4500 wireless handheld microphones and IVM4500 IEM in-ear monitoring systems.

At the press conferences, pilots and presenters spoke through AKG CK49 reference shotgun condenser capsule gooseneck microphones and DMS700 V2 wireless systems.

The manufacturer’s HSD271 professional over-ear closed headsets are designed for intercom, ENG/EFP work and video production. The HSD271 is based on the company’s K271 MKII studio headphones, combined with a high-performance dynamic microphone on a flexible arm.

The AKG DMS700 V2, WMS4500 and PR4500 ENG wireless microphone systems are built to deliver pristine, interference-free audio quality, flexibility and noise rejection over long distances in even the most crowded radio environments.

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