Red Bull X-Fighters employs Riedel

The Red Bull X-Fighters World Series, a freestyle motocross (FMX) tour, used Riedel Communications radio and intercom systems to ensure clear communications throughout live production of the tour’s 1 June event in Osaka, Japan.

Throughout the event, the robust architecture of Riedel’s Artist digital matrix intercom system and solutions such as the company’s MAX noise-cancelling headsets provided reliable and clear communication in spite of intense noise. The Riedel systems supported show coordination among event directors and stage managers, lighting and PA staff, and scoring officials, as well as the work of the team’s sports, medical, and security staff.

The custom Riedel solution used by the Red Bull X-Fighters World Series tour includes three Artist systems, networked in a self-healing fibre ring that not only provides complete redundancy in the event of a fibre break, but also makes for quick setup and teardown. The Riedel architecture allows for the fast setup of a backbone that can support the vast majority of additions, and enables changes with the click of a mouse rather than running additional cabling. With the user-friendly yet powerful Director configuration and control software for Artist digital matrix intercom systems, technicians can easily adjust levels remotely to improve the clarity, utility, and safety of event communications.

In Osaka, the Artist system was interfaced to an OB truck, where the event was recorded and prepared for air and streaming to a live audience around the globe. Artist 1000 Series control panels were divided between the front of house (FOH), staff, and event judges. Nine Performer digital partyline beltpacks were distributed among the judges and the follow-spot lighting crew. These systems were complemented by 150 Motorola radios, with eight Riedel RiFace universal radio interfaces serving as radio repeaters to ensure coverage across the venue.