REMIC introduces new feedback suppressing mic technology

Designed by founder and CEO Thorkild Larsen, the new REMIC range is tailored specifically to individual stringed instruments and designed to reproduce sound with a high level of accuracy.

In collaboration with instrument builders, musicians and sound technicians, each model has been field-tested and adjusted a myriad of times before the final product was ready for production.

The individual microphones are tailored for violin, viola, cello, and double bass, and come in two variations: live and studio (each tuned for the specific acoustic environment they are being used in).

REMIC Microphones utilise a number of new technologies including SAM (Soundboard Area Microphone) where the sound of an instrument is partly captured immediately after the first air molecules are set in motion by the timbre of the instrument, and partly captured in a limited and strongly controlled near field, which captures the overtone registry of the instrument. This conclusively means that the sound of the instrument hits the membrane of the microphone before it is polluted by unwanted sources of sound, such as sound reflections of the environment in which the instrument played, PA, monitor sound and other instruments on stage.

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