Renkus-Heinz Iconyx array speakers installed in South Korean church

Donam-dong Catholic Church in South Korea has installed a pair of Renkus-Heinz Iconyx digitally steerable array loudspeakers.

The 400-seater local church—situated in Donam-dong, Seoul—installed the new RH tech as part of an overall audio system upgrade which is hoped to improve the acoustic intelligibility and musical clarity at the place of worship.

“The church wanted to upgrade their system,” explained Patrick Han from Renkus-Heinz’s South Korean distributor Dai Kyung Vascom, “and after assessing the space and discussing their requirements in detail, we have supplied two Renkus-Heinz IC8-R units with RHAON (Renkus-Heinz Audio Operations Network) and upgraded other aspects of their system to create a better system all round.”

In addition to the Renkus-Heinz kit installed at the Church, Dai Kyung Vascom also put in place an Allen & Heath ML3000-24 mixer, Apex dBQ-Zero equaliser and an Aphex 104-10 Aural Exciter as well as a variety of Sennheiser microphones.

“The reaction from worshippers and the priests to the new system has been really good,” added Han, “and representatives from another nearby Catholic church who also came by to listen to the system were very impressed.”