Revolabs launches FLX wireless conference phone

Revolabs has announced the launch of its new FLX wireless conference phone.

Designed for small-midsized conference rooms, executive offices, and small office/home office (SoHo) environments, the FLX incorporates the company’s wireless audio technology, which aims to deliver optimised sound quality for audio and video conferencing to large conference rooms and boardrooms.

"The FLX has already made a huge impact in the North American market, and we are pleased that we can now offer this evolutionary leap in conferencing speakerphones to our customers in Europe, Hong Kong, and Australia," said JP Carney, Revolabs chief operating officer. "For companies seeking to enhance their unified communications and collaboration strategy, FLX brings exceptional audio performance and flexibility to small- and midsized conference rooms, all at an affordable price."

Combining wireless operation, high-quality wideband audio, 128-bit encryption, integrated Bluetooth, and support for analogue and IP, the FLX is designed to offer substantial freedom with regards to placement and accessibility of the speaker, microphones, and dial pad.

With a variety of compatible Revolabs microphones available, it also supports a lapel microphone, worn by one person; an omnidirectional table-top microphone that captures the sound of six to ten participants; and a directional table-top microphone, which allows audio capture from two-three people. As the FLX dialer operates in the manner of a telephone for handset calls and enables the setup of conference calls, a separate desk and conference phone is not required.

Furthermore, the FLX can serve as the audio interface with almost any brand of video conferencing equipment. The integrated Bluetooth technology provides a single collaboration device regardless of which communication channel is used, meaning users can connect the speaker and microphones to their Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone or computer.

The Revolabs FLX is available at an MSRP of $999 and sold through major distributors, dealers, and resellers.