Riedel reveals new RSP-1216HL SmartPanel

Riedel has introduced the new RSP-1216HL SmartPanel, an all-new 1RU model in the company’s 1200 Series of intelligent intercom and control panels.

The series is designed for use with real-time video, audio, data, and communications networks. The new RSP-1216HL is a compact version of the app-based RSP-1232HL SmartPanel user interface.

“We took a quantum leap forward in workflow flexibility, power, and connectivity when we first introduced the RSP-1232HL SmartPanel at the 2018 NAB Show,” explained Benjamin Lampert, product manager at Riedel. “Customers were instantly blown away by its multiple full-colour multitouch displays, intuitive operation, and ability to leverage apps for multifunctionality. In the meantime, our customers have requested a 1RU version — and now it’s here. With the RSP-1216HL, we managed to concentrate all the power of the RSP-1232HL in an even more compact form factor without sacrificing any functionality or user-friendliness.”

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Like its bigger sibling, the fully IP-centric RSP-1216HL features a full-colour, high-resolution, sunlight-readable touch screen, as well as a hybrid-lever key design that combines lever and rotary-style key styles, meaning users can control countless parameters with a single key. The new panel has the same connectivity options as its larger counterpart, with support for AES3 and SMPTE 2110-30 (AES67) connections together with GPIO, analog, or AES67 4-Wire, as well as front and rear USB connectivity. It also comes with a single speaker and 16 hybrid-lever keys, compared with the RSP-1232HL’s two speakers and 32 hybrid-lever keys.

With the upcoming Control Panel App and Audio Monitoring App, the 1200 Series SmartPanels is designed to suit environments where space is at a premium, uniting intercom, control, and audio monitoring functionality into a single key panel while reducing costs and saving rack or desk space.

Lampert continued: “We have improved the audio quality of our 1200 Series panels even further by developing a new audio processing capability that delivers excellent speech quality and reproduces program material in unprecedented, distortion-free quality even at high levels. This new 1RU version opens another chapter in the SmartPanel success story. And looking at the two new powerful apps already on the horizon, this story has only just begun.”