Rimshot?s Mike Thorne on AKG

The studio at Rimshot Productions, situated in the Kent countryside of the UK, features a pair of AKG C414 B-ULS microphones, which were introduced in 1971; a D112 egg-shaped bass microphone; a D12 large-diaphragm microphone; and C1000 microphones.

“I’ve acquired these microphones over the years and slowly built up my AKG collection,” said owner Mike Thorne. “During my 20-plus years of experience, I haven’t had an AKG microphone fail on me, as they truly last forever. I’ve really grown to appreciate the quality of AKG products.

“The D12 is what I like to call the ‘make it better’ microphone. I like to use it for vocals, drums, and all kinds of recording, because it produces truly exceptional sound quality. As for the C1000, these things just don’t break! They were my first microphones and have been used for recordings for 15 years.

“I like the multiple pickup patterns of the C414 AKG microphone. There’s loads of space in the studio, so we can be creative with microphone placements. I don’t have to put the microphone very close to a specific instrument. This results in a sound with more depth and character.

“There is a lot to be said about the consistency of these microphones. They’re indeed the workhorses that I expect them to be and work great every time.”

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