RME releases three new products: ADI-2 Pro FS, Digiface AVB and Digiface Dante

RME launched three new products at Prolight + Sound last week, the ADI-2 Pro FS, Digiface AVB and Digiface Dante.

The Digiface Dante is a mobile audio interface that enables the transmission of up to 64 Dante channels and 64 MADI channels via a single USB 3.0 connection.

The Digiface AVB is a mobile audio interface based on the AVB standard (Audio Video Bridging) and enables the trans- mission of up to 256 network audio channels between a Windows computer and other AVB devices within an audio Gigabit network via a single USB 3.0 cable.

Lastly, the ADI-2 Pro FS is an updated version of the high-end AD/DA converter the ADI-2 Pro and includes the new femtosecond clock technology of the ADI-2 DAC. The ADI-2 Pro FS offers professional users the functionality of the previous reference converter, but now with updated clocking. In addition, the AutoDark mode from the new ADI-2 DAC has now also been implemented in the ADI-2 Pro FS.

With the new Digiface Dante, RME extends its Digiface series with a powerful Dante model for USB and standalone operation. Mobile Dante solution The Dante Audio-over-IP protocol was developed by the Australian company Audinate and enables uncompressed transmission of digital audio signals with low latency over long distances.

The Digiface AVB is a mobile audio interface with USB bus power operation, which uses the open IEEE 802.1 protocol as part of the AVB standard of the Audio/Vi- deo Bridging Task Group and enables synchronized and prioritized streaming of audio data over a gigabit network. The integrated USB 3.0 connection allows up to 128 audio channels to be streamed back to the AVB network and another 128 channels to the computer – with sampling rates of up to 192 kHz. Users can adjust the channel sizes of streams between 2 and 32 channels as needed to ensure maximum compatibility with AVB audio devices available on the market.