RØDE introduces first wireless system at largest ever launch

RØDE Microphones has held its largest-ever simultaneous product launch, introducing multiple new products at an exclusive event in San Diego.

The focus of the event was the new RØDELink Digital Wireless System, a fully-digital wireless audio system utilising a 2.4GHz, 128-bit encrypted digital transmission sent on two channels simultaneously, providing a 24-bit/44.1k digital audio signal at a range of up to 100 metres.

“Continuing RØDE’s mission to provide premium performance products at an accessible price, the RØDELink system will be one of the most affordable wireless solutions on the market,” commented Peter Freedman, RØDE’s founder and president. “Now the time is right for a revolution in wireless audio capabilities, and I believe that RØDELink will become the category leader in a very short space of time.”

RØDE has also announced two new shotgun microphones, the NTG4 and NTG4+. With a new capsule, the NTG4 and NTG4+ are designed to exhibit lower noise and deliver higher sensitivity, while on-board digital switching controls a 75Hz high pass filter, 10db PAD and high-frequency boost.

The final product announcement of the night was the RØDE NTR ribbon microphone. Designed with the ribbon separate to the microphone frame and body for acoustic transparency and to minimise resonance, the ribbon element itself is made from aluminium just 1.8 microns thick. The unit also features a high output, ultra-low noise, low impedance transformer.

“It’s always been a dream of RØDE’s to create the world’s very best ribbon microphone, but the time was never quite right,” remarked Damien Wilson, RØDE’s global sales and marketing director. “As many of you know, our manufacturing capabilities have expanded dramatically over the past few years and now we’re proud to say we have a facility unlike any other in the world. These expanded capabilities have allowed us to realise this dream, and bring the NTR to life.”