RØDE Microphones names new CEO

RØDE Microphones’ sales and marketing director Damien Wilson has been promoted to CEO of The Freedman Electronics Group, home to pro-audio brands RØDE, Aphex, Event Electronics and now SoundField.

Wilson will take over the everyday management of the group’s business, giving founder and managing director Peter Freedman more opportunity to embrace his passions within the companies, including product conception and development, manufacturing innovation, brand acquisition, and personal representation for the group internationally.

“In November, The Freedman Electronics Group recorded its biggest ever month in business, and with fantastic new product offerings from RØDE, Event, Aphex and SoundField all on the horizon, it will be a period of great change and, we predict, even larger growth,” said Freedman. “I can think of no better person to guide the various brands and departments through these great opportunities than Damien.”

The new CEO relishes the challenge: “I’ve had an incredible time at RØDE over the past nine years,” Wilson remarked, “developing new markets, making terrific friends around the world and absorbing the lessons of business at every step from Peter, who has been a real mentor.

“This challenge is the right move at the right time. I love RØDE and the pro audio industry – which remains full of blue sky potential – and look forward to building further upon our world class team and capability in all brands and departments. Ultimately, we want to keep creating incredible products that enable our customers’ creativity. It’s a terrific opportunity.”