RØDE Microphones reveals all-in-one vlogger kit

RØDE Microphones has rolled out three additions to its range of solutions for vloggers.

The new Vlogger Kits are designed to cater for those looking to improve their mobile content creation capabilities. The range offers solutions for every type of smartphones, including a RØDE VideoMic Me-L with a Lightning connector, and the new RØDE VideoMic Me-C with a USB-C connector. A Universal Edition is also available, which includes a RØDE VideoMicro for use with smartphones that feature a 3.5mm input.

Meanwhile, each kit comes with the new RØDE Tripod 2, new RØDE SmartGrip mount and RØDE MicroLED on-camera light, which slots onto the SmartGrip.

The kits have been designed for all manner of mobile content creation applications, from vloggers and filmmakers, to journalists and YouTubers. 

You can view the new kits in action below.