Roger Hodgson teams up with DAS Audio in Argentina

Roger Hodgson, a founding member and voice of English band Supertramp, recently completed the first leg of his ‘Breakfast in America Tour 2012’ in South America.

16 concerts were offered across the continent and in Rosario, Argentina, where Hodgson played to a full house at the city’s Salon Metropolitano, DAS Aero Series 2 sound systems provided sound for the event.

Local company Marti Audio, with Ariel Marti at the helm, rolled out the big guns for the concert. A comprehensive DAS sound system was set up, which included Aero Series 2 line arrays, specifically 12 units of the large DAS Aero 50 for the PA, set up in two arrays of 6 units each on either side of the stage in a traditional left-right configuration.

Another 12 units of the powerful DAS LX-218R subwoofers were brought in to reinforce the low frequencies at the concert. The units were ground stacked on opposite in front of the stage in two groups of six units each. To guarantee proper sound coverage for the first rows of the audience, a front-fill comprised of eight powered DAS Aero 8A systems were used.

The sound quality gave concert goers the chance to appreciate the vocal nuances of Hodgson and the talent of his band. Fans were delighted to hear Hodgson’s new songs along with Supertramp’s biggest hits, including ‘The Logical Song’, ‘Give a Little Bit’ and ‘Dreamer’.

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