Roland audio gear chosen for St Lawrence College theatre

Stage Electrics designed the audio installation for St Lawrence College’s new theatre, which features a variety of Roland Systems Group equipment.

The multi-use venue – part of a ‘new build’ project at the independent school – can easily seat all 480 senior school pupils at one time with its large main hall and balcony. A main stage dominates the back wall, but the space can be adapted to hold performances in the round.

Stage Electrics chose a Roland M-300 digital mixing console, S-1608 digital snake stage unit and S-0808 8 x 8 I/O unit to create a ‘plug in and play’ digital system. The requirements for the project were ease of use, flexibility and ensuring it stayed under budget.

Mark Larcombe, business development manager at Stage Electrics, designed an audio solution with the M-300 at the core. The 32-channel console connects easily via Cat5e to Roland’s digital snake products for simple and high quality audio transmission, distribution, splits and merging. At St Lawrence College, the M-300 can adapt for a number of requirements, ranging from one microphone setups to complicated live band applications.

The system was put in place with the S-0808 installed in the back of a control rack and connected straight to the amplifiers, but the S-1608 was left as a portable unit so that it could be plugged into various Cat5e panels around the theatre. REAC (Roland Ethernet Audio Communication) connectivity lets the user utilise the Cat5e points around the venue to connect to the mixer via patch, instead of having to use XLR right and left out of the mixer. 

Connecting the M-300 by XLR is possible in the control room, but for more advanced setups, the S-1608 can be added to create more inputs.

"The M-300 desk with the digital snakes provided a straightforward solution for the college which can be easily added to in the future. The theatre itself is such a high quality venue and the technology so accessible that it is now being used for all purposes, far more than it was originally intended for." commented Larcombe.

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