Roland brings Hollywood to Edinburgh with Origin Choir

November 2011 saw the internationally acclaimed Origin Choir head to Edinburgh with Roland’s M-480 Live Mixing Console and the M-480 Remote Control Software (RCS) at the heart of the production.

The large-scale production entitled Christmas According to Hollywood boasted a choir consisting of 320 members, as well as a band a projector and a large screen, therefore demanding an audio system of optimum clarity.

Having used the M-480 console with the M-480 Remote Control Software at a recent production of Peter Pan at the Theatre Royal, Glasgow-based production company Sono Vie’s Alan Beattie was confident that the Roland desk would serve as an ideal hub for the sound system. As the flagship console of the V-Mixing System, the M-480 is a fully digital system built on REAC (Roland Ethernet Audio Communication), replacing analogue snakes with Cat5/6 cables.

The M-480 Remote Control Software (RCS) is an application that runs on a PC/Apple Mac, allowing the console to be controlled remotely as well as for sending or receiving setup data, meaning that users can prepare channel setups and configurations before arriving at the venue.

For the Origin Choir production, the M-480 RCS was pre-configured so that during the one show rehearsal only minor adjustments to the EQ, sound levels and delay times were necessary, saving a great deal of time and trouble on the day.

For the stage area, eight Roland M-48 Live Personal Mixers were used by the band, as well as a Roland V Drum kit. The M-48 allows the musician to personally control exactly what they want to hear during their performance. With control of up to 40 audio channels via 16 stereo groups and based on REAC, the all-digital connection is designed to produce optimum audio quality.

Beattie was able to tackle the issue of spill from the band by using the M-480 to configure the system in such a way that the electronic instruments used by the band could be balanced with the levels of the choir. This meant that a higher SPL could be achieved by the choir without their vocals getting lost in the mix.