Roland Piano

Roland debuts ‘drone speaker’ 50th anniversary concept piano

For decades, Roland has pursued the most promising electronic technologies to reinvent the acoustic piano playing experience and to honour the instrument’s beautiful sounds and history. With unique innovations and structural changes, Roland’s 50th Anniversary Concept Piano paves the way for instruments of the future.

Offering improved sound quality, advanced connectivity, and stunning finishes, this 50th anniversary piano, equipped with Roland’s latest sound system and tones alongside Roland’s most legendary piano sounds and expression, also features a keyboard touch more natural and responsive than ever before. Its one-piece moulded wooden body, designed in collaboration with Japanese furniture maker Karimoku, was inspired by the fusion of the past and future, while its exterior, comprised of Japanese oak wood, provides deep piano tones from its speakers.

Roland PianoMore than a beautiful design, the 50th Anniversary Concept Piano aims to fill a gap in the industry. In the age of digital pianos, many find rich sound quality is sacrificed for innovation. Roland’s concept piano offers a 360-degree speaker system, which is able to send sound in any direction through its 14 adjustable speakers placed strategically throughout.

In addition to those onboard speakers, the sound field around the piano will be enhanced with drone speakers, the first of their kind, which float above the piano for an enhanced sound quality and eye-catching experience. By operating on a low latency dedicated communication channel, the drones allow players to control their positioning as they play. Through these unique structural advancements, this concept piano is able to provide the sound quality of classic instruments, all while maintaining the modern enhancements of Roland technology.

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