Roland Systems Group grateful for access to high quality equipment in Japan

RSG Japan has a facility in Matsumoto, Nagano, where products such as the M-480 live mixing console are manufactured.
Atsushi Shimizu of the sales department notes that because there are several top car manufacturers located locally, there are also numerous parts suppliers in the area. Since these companies are required to provide the highest quality electric parts available, employing cutting edge technology, RSG Japan also has access to these materials.

Shimizu reveals that Japanese customers are often very picky about specifications and sound quality. Once products are approved by these customers, it usually gives the manufacturer confidence about the quality of that product and assures them that it will be well received elsewhere.

Asked what effect the associated music-based industries in his region have RSG Japan’s approach, Shimizu said: “It was helpful to develop products like M-48 Personal monitor system to get some feedback from musicians easily who are familiar with Roland Musical instruments.”