Roland Celebrates International Piano Day at Its London Store 

Roland, innovator of electronic musical instruments and multimedia products, celebrated International Piano Day and the 50th Anniversary of Roland’s first piano at the Roland Store in the heart of London’s iconic Denmark Street.

Kamaal Williams, acclaimed pianist and record producer gave a unique and intimate interview and performance playing songs from his upcoming album “STINGS” Roland’s GP-9 Digital Piano and the 50th Anniversary Concept Model Piano.

Roland Piano“Roland has an outstanding reputation for making some of the best musical equipment in the game.  Their craftmanship and especially the way they build their pianos is the best in the world,” said Kamaal. “Their new stuff is amazing, combining analogue sounds with new technology makes it innovative and user friendly for the new generation to access those authentic and iconic sounds”.

Roland has continuously pursued electronic technologies to reinvent the acoustic piano playing experience and to honour the instrument’s beautiful sounds and history. Since the release of Japan’s first electronic pianos, the EP-10 and EP-20, in 1973, Roland has worked to transform this space and advance the form and function of the timeless instrument.

Previously evidenced by Roland’s futuristic concept, the GPX-F1 Facet Grand Piano, which was unveiled at CES in 2020, the brand is now pushing the boundaries in celebration of its 50th year with unique innovations such as Roland’s 50th Anniversary Concept Piano, which will be showcased at the Roland Store until the end of April.

Roland PianoThe GP digital piano series is the latest generation of instruments in the company’s digital piano line-up. The GP series represents the pinnacle of Roland piano development, merging advanced technologies with finely crafted grand piano designs.

These instruments aim to deliver world-class sound and touch to satisfy the most advanced players, coupled with modern features for learning, entertaining, and everyday enjoyment. From the flagship GP-9 and GP-9M to the mid-size GP-6 to the uniquely compact GP-3, there’s a model to suit every environment, while Roland’s digital benefits include Bluetooth® audio/MIDI connectivity, deep integration with the Roland Piano App.

Roland Piano