RTS/Telex broadcast Le Mans 24-hour race

RTS/Telex systems were used by TV broadcaster Audi Race News for the Le Mans 24-hour race.

As one of the biggest spectacles on the motor racing calendar, the event, which ran from 11-12 June attracted 250,000 spectators from across Europe.

Prior to the event, CT Germany secured the services of Berlin-based MM Communications to capture the race for Audi’s Audi Race News channel. The biggest challenge for the technicians was to secure communications between four key locations: the Audi Arena, the Audi Racing Club, the Audi pits, and an SNG position away from the track. As the two most important of these locations, the Audi Arena and the Audi Racing Club, were around two kilometres apart, the technicians opted for a glass fibre network.

To ensure clear communication between all those participating in the broadcast, and to help maximise the efficiency of their efforts, MM Communications technicians Christian Drost and Jan Heering opted for a variety of solutions from RTS/Telex. These included two Advanced Digital Audio Matrices (ADAMs) linked by Tribus cards and a Telex BTR-800 intercom system used with a number of TR 825 belt packs. 20 RTS KP-16 CLD, six RTS KP-12 CLD, and two RTS KP-32 CLD colour display panels were at the front end, with headsets including Telex PH44 and Telex PH88 models also deployed.

Drost commented: "The entire system performed excellently. "It was completely stable and remained error and problem-free throughout."

He was also impressed with the keypanels: "They are extremely compact and have excellent sound characteristics. As well as that, they are simple and intuitive to program and operate. Naturally, the KP-12 CLD keypanel, with its coloured, high-resolution display, is a standout; in terms of sharpness, it really is extremely impressive."