Rupert Neve Designs HQ hit by Texas flood

Rupert Neve Designs’ headquarters in Wimberley was one of the many victims of the flash flooding that swept across Texas and Oklahoma this Memorial Day Weekend.

Although staff members and the R&D office were unharmed, the team discovered several feet of mud and water in the manufacturing facility, which is expected to slow production for weeks.

The company closed its offices yesterday (26 May) to deal with the problem, when communications were also either intermittent or down entirely.

A statement released by the firm’s general manager Josh Thomas on Monday read:

"Rupert and the team at Rupert Neve Designs are fine, and our R&D offices were also unaffected by the record flood that came through Wimberley late Saturday night. However, our main production line had over three feet of water and mud come through the facility, and it will be weeks before production is back up and running at full capacity.

"Our offices will be closed on Tuesday the 26th as services are restored and as our neighbors deal with the devastation. Phone, cell and internet coverage is either down entirely or intermittent for now.

"We thank you for all the messages of concern and support during this time."

Wimberley, Texas, which lies on the Blanco River, is thought to be one of the towns hit hardest, and according to Texas governor Greg Abbott, the floods are the worst the state has ever seen.

The storms have so far killed 17 people, with a further 11 still missing.