Sadie congratulates David Bowles on 2012 Grammy Awards nomination

Long-time Sadie user David Bowles has been nominated for a Grammy Award for his recording of Haydn’s symphonies 104, 88 and 101 in the Best Orchestral Performance category.

Bowles’ recordings are part of a series of projects undertaken for the Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra, conducted by Nicholas McGegan, OBE. The Haydn symphonies were recorded live at the First Congregational Church in Berkeley, California using a Sadie LRX2 location recorder. They were then edited, mixed and mastered at Swineshead Productions LLC on a Sadie H64 system incorporating a Dream DA-2 converter, a Bryston BP20 pre-amplifier and PMC AML1 monitors.

A member of the Audio Engineering Society (AES) Board of Governors, Bowles has been using Sadie equipment for many years and is particularly impressed with the flexibility the LRX2 has brought to his work.

He explained: “What really attracted me to the LRX2 was the ability to record to an external "mirror" hard drive, thus giving me a safety copy right at the sessions. After buying an LRX2 and a Dell Precision M65 laptop, I retired my multitrack recorder, which meant that I had less gear to haul around. The integrated architecture of the analogue mic/line slither also eliminated an output stage and an input stage but I can still use outboard mic pres when they are needed.”

Bowles has also acquired a Prism Sound Orpheus, which he uses as a second remote rig for projects requiring no more than 8 channels. “The Orpheus is the best external interface available, therefore I’m able to guarantee clients the same level of quality whether using the H64, LRX2 or Orpheus,” he said.

Since founding Swineshead Productions LLC, Bowles has produced and engineered over 80 projects for commercial release, recorded 500 live concert performances, and produced live recording broadcasts.