SAE Institute Germany builds on Audient partnership with Heritage console install

An Audient console was recently installed at SAE Institute Deutschland’s Stuttgart campus. 

SAE students mainly use the new ASP8024 Heritage Edition console for recording, which features eight bankable faders, transport control, track record enable and plug-in selection/editing. 

“Signal flow is not hard to understand on this console and it sounds great. It produces a clear and rich sound and it is really easy to set up,” said Dominik ‘Dom’ Kammerer from the college.

The ASP8024-HE arrived at the same time as four iD14 USB audio interfaces, which come with the same mic preamplifiers as those found in the console, as well as Burr-Brown AD/DA converters, ADAT input for expandability and Audient’s ‘iD’ ScrollControl Mode. 

“We’d been without interfaces for three years,” added Dom “and not a single day now goes by without at least one of them getting used.” 

Founded in 1976 the SAE Institute prides itself on being the “world’s largest, industry-focused creative media educator with a network across five continents, offering a comprehensive course portfolio in creative media fields”.