Salford Uni equips new studios with PMC monitors

The University of Salford has installed PMC monitors in three of the six studios housed in its New Adelphi building.

Built at a cost of £55 million, the New Adelphi arts and media facility is one of the largest new-build studio complexes in the UK, designed to give music students access to the facilities and equipment that they will encounter in their music and post production careers.

The studios in the new building have been opening in stages since September last year and are now at full capacity. PMC IB2S-A monitors have been installed in the control rooms of Studios 4 and 5, while in Studio 2, where the control room is larger, the University has chosen the extended response of a PMC IB2S XBD-A system.

Other facilities in the building include art studios, photography studios, workshop facilities with industrial machinery, voice and screen acting studios, a large ensemble room, a three-hundred capacity theatre, a studio theatre, dance studios and rehearsal facilities.

“For the first time, the New Adelphi project brings together a wide range of disciplines,” explained Andrew Davison, technical manager for Salford University’s School of Arts & Media. “The building is very much a place for ‘doing’, and supporting so much practical work is no mean feat.

“Our recording courses are deliberately genre-neutral and assessed on their own merits, so we can have virtually any kind of music in the recording studios,” Davison continued. “All six studios are designed to use the same digital infrastructure, so students can become familiar with the setup, but we have added variation with the configuration of the live rooms, booths, outboard and instrumental equipment and primary monitors.”

Commenting on the installation of the new PMC monitors, Davison said: “This service was invaluable and it was great to have an assessment of the control rooms and the performance of the loudspeakers in situ. After calibration, the incredible clarity of the audio they reproduce is absolutely stunning. The even response and full sound, even from the IB2S-A units on their own, is quite remarkable. We have the luxury of secondary nearfield monitoring in each of our studios – speakers which on their own are excellent – but the PMC units are certainly in another league.”