Sanken unveils new CMS-50 short stereo shotgun mic

Sanken Microphones has introduced the new CMS-50 stereo condenser microphone.

Ideal for boom pole operation or camera mounted, the shotgun mic is designed for ambient film and sports recording.

The CMS-50 features M-S (Mid-Side) configuration, which makes it convenient to adjust the stereo width at the mixer or in post-production. The mic includes two outputs, a cardioid and figure-8, which can be fed into the mixer for width adjustments. If both outputs are recorded, stereo width can be managed in post. The cardioid output alone can be used for mono recording.

At 5.4″ in length and weighing 4.6 oz., the CMS-50 is unobtrusive, and can be camera-mounted without interfering with even a short lens.

The CMS-50’s lightweight, rugged design and components assure optimum resistance to humidity and adverse temperature changes. An HPF switch adjusts low frequency characteristics.