Schoeps supplies microphones for Brazil

Schoeps is the supplier of the main surround microphones as well as stereo and single microphones for recording the audience in all twelve football stadiums in Brazil. A total of 132 Schoeps microphones are being employed.

The main surround microphone arrangement in each of the twelve arenas is the Schoeps ORTF Surround microphone array. It consists of four CCM 41 supercardioids, which are also professional standards in music and cinema sound recording. The ORTF Surround array provides an optimal 360-degree spatial representation as well as a very open spaciousness, which lets the listener sense the dimensions of the arena. This is due in part to the 10-20cm spacing between the individual microphones of the array, which deliver a quality of room sound similar to that produced by a classical spaced microphone pair.

Despite the spacing between individual microphones in the array, Schoeps fits the ORTF Surround setup into one combined windscreen, with a single, four-channel multi-core cable for connections to external equipment. The ORTF Surround setup also has an internal heater in order to handle all eventualities such as steady rain or long-term tropical humidity; the array must hang from the stadium roof for weeks at a time. The ORTF Surround array is further equipped with a newly developed rain shield.

In each public seating section a Schoeps ORTF Stereo Outdoor Set is employed. This compact ORTF setup (in a windscreen) consists of two CCM 4 compact cardioid microphones, and is also connected via multi-core cable. 24 such sets are installed in the Brazil stadiums. Flanking these are 36 individual CCM 4 microphones hanging on cables and fitted with special rain guards.

During the matches, the main microphones described here are being combined with auxiliary microphones from other companies for the so-called close-balls (shotgun microphones at the edge of the field), as well as on some cameras e.g. in the player tunnels. Furthermore, the microphone being used by the broadcast commentator is often a Schoeps headset.