Scrub equips new audio suite at ITN Productions

Scrub, the Soho-based and post-focussed division of HHB Communications, has provided the equipment for a new audio suite at ITN Productions, including an Avid S6 M40 24-fader console and Genelec 5.1 DSP active monitoring system.

The creative and commercial arm of the well-known news organisation – located in London WC1 – has expanded its in-house post-production facilities to 60 edit suites in just 5 years.

With a huge and growing output spanning TV programme making, commercials, sport, corporate and branded content, ITN produces bespoke content for broadcasters, businesses, brands, rights holders and digital channels.

“We supplemented our original D-Command audio-suite with a new S3-equipped room back in 2015” commented head of post production Olly Strous. “Adding an Avid Dock last year really supercharged the S3 but the new 24-fader S6-equipped room takes our production efficiency to a whole new level.

“A lot of our work is fast turnaround, so we often have to work quickly. Critically, the S6 gives us the capacity to produce so much more than simply a competent, R128-compliant mix, empowering our operators to do their best and most creative work, even in the short time available.”

For ITN Productions, the choice of a third Avid audio console and a monitoring system was an easy one: “We’re heavily invested in Avid technology across the facility,” Strous continued. “It’s what the talent wants and expects to work on, so the S6 made perfect sense. Although the new audio suite is an acoustically designed space, the auto-calibration feature of the new 5.1 Genelec DSP system really helps to optimise performance.”

Commenting on Scrub’s involvement, Strous said: “Fantastic. The team at Scrub knows everything there is to know about audio technology, and we’re very confident in giving them our custom. From spec’ing the system through to installation and on-going support, Scrub are always helpful and very thorough. A few months into using the new S6, they were happy to reconfigure the console slightly to fit precisely with our way of working, and also recalibrated the speakers to ensure that no reflections had moved. Working with Scrub is always a positive experience.”

In addition to the S6 M40 24-fader console and Genelec 5.1 DSP active monitoring system, Scrub also supplied ITN Productions with a range of plug-ins, microphones, storage, video-capture cards and ancillary equipment.