SD10 package offers compact touring kit

Jon Lemon, FoH engineer for The Fray and U2, has assembled a compact Digico touring system based around the SD10 console.

Having used Digico consoles for almost eight years for a number of high-profile artists, Jon Lemon was keen to work on the SD10 console for The Fray’s mini tour supporting U2. This allowed Lemon the opportunity to assemble and try out a touring package utilising the SD10, alongside an SD 192kHz DiGiRack and the Waves/Digico Sound Bundle.

“I was really keen to use the new SD10 with a full Waves package to see if I could actually do a tour without carrying any of my normal, expensive outboard gear, which I’ve gotten quite used to using. Last year, I took an SD8 out on a Smashing Pumpkins tour because we were flying so many places and I wanted something small, lightweight and powerful but I still had all the outboard etc. to ship I liked it, but preferring the SD7, the new SD10 seemed more SD7-like—from the meters and faders to general feel. Having 96 channels with full processing appealed to me, as did the SD10s macros, especially on a single screen DiGiCo product, because you can get around a lot quicker by having them programed. The ability to have more inputs is highly important, too. Bearing in mind that on most modern tours these days you seem to do more flying, it was my goal to get this powerful, small package together, and for a travel pack, I think it’s totally ideal—and probably the way I’m heading for the future.”

Working out of his home studio a few weeks prior to rehearsals, Lemon was able to set up the console, working off a hard drive from the band’s previous live shows. He commented: “I was impressed with SD10’s layout right off the bat and liked having 16 plug-in racks to work with. Going into rehearsals in Las Vegas, we set up, switched on, and it was all there ready to go. It felt like I’d done a couple of weeks of rehearsals, when in reality I’d only spent two weeks at home and two days with the band and I had a full show ready to go. The nicer bonus was the new SD192 rack, which showed up during rehearsals… My inputs actually sounded better. I’ve been using those other racks every working day of my life since 2002, and it’s a completely noticeable difference to me. It sounded cleaner, more analog sounding, and the high-end is different too. More airy.”